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My name is Hoan Trinh, I am a wedding photographer based in Connecticut. Just a couple of quick notes, I took my own portrait above and for some reason, it is extremely hard to smile when you are holding a remote so I went for the stoic, superhero look lol :) Another issue that I need to clarify is that I took the self portrait above back in 2013 at the tender age of 28, quite a few people have mistaken me as a teenager with that portrait so I just want make it clear that I am old enough to work :)

I got started with photography when I bought my first digital camera in 2007. It was also the last semester of my Senior year at the University of Connecticut. I was very quickly mesmerized by the technical aspect of photography that is very uniquely intertwined with an artistic interpretation of a particular scene or moment about to be captured. It was also the my last semester at UCONN so I guess I was a little sentimental, I took all kind of photos of various scenes around campus as well of portraits of the friends I made there. I knew the experience was going to end pretty quickly and I literally wanted to in-framed my memories with those photos. Looking back, I wished I bought a digital camera in freshman year of college! Talk about too little, too late!

So yes, UCONN was my first inspiration and it was a huge one, I spent months taking photos around campus and probably a little too much time behind a computer editing photos. If you guys have not noticed yet, that was seven years ago. At least it is not four score and seven year ago right?

So how did I ended up doing wedding photography? Every wedding is an inspiration for me! It is an amazing experience to be able to photograph someone on the happiest day of their lives and to be a part of the celebration among their friends and family. It always is incredible to me to learn how far of a trip some of the guests would make to attend the wedding of their love ones, which is why I worked tirelessly to ensure that those moments will be forever live on in my photographs. At the end of the day, I want to make sure that whenever a couple look back at their wedding photos, they will always remember how special they felt that day. That is my inspiration!

Thank you so much for stopping my page, if you would like to get in touch with me about my work, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via my Contact.