HKT Photography | FAQ

How did you get started in wedding photography?

I am a photojournalist at heart, I love to tell story and capture a moment in time.  There are only so many of my own stories that I can tell so I wanted to enter into a profession that I get to tell other people stories.  


What is the percentage of black and white photos in your work?

I would say less than 10%.  I only convert photographs into black and white when the color is a distraction to the emotions I want to convey.  If both the color and B&W photo look good, I will deliver the photo in both forms. 


What are your favorite photos to take at weddings?

I always love the “dance” photos such as the first dance or the parent dances because they have a lot emotions and I get to be all super creative with lighting and all of that jazz.   Oddly enough, I also love the family formal portraits because I know how important they are and it’s always so great to see everyone so happy around each other.  I could list a lot more but you did ask for favorites, right?


What kind of gears do you have?

I have 3 Nikon camera bodies (2 full framed and 1 cropped sensor) just in case two break down and all the pro lenses that go with them.  My style of photography also involved a bit of creative use of off-camera-flash so I have 4 speed lights and 11 sets of 4 AA batteries to go with them.  I also have about 300 gigs worth memory cards which mean I probably cover like 4 weddings in one day.  While cameras and gears are ultimately just tools they don't make or break my portfolio, I make sure that my clients get the best of the best and I do not take any short cuts in this area.


What happen if you cannot make it to our wedding?

I essentially have to be in the hospital in the intensive care unit for me not to show up at your wedding.  Though if these emergencies do arise, I do have access to a great network of professional photographers in Connecticut that I have worked with in the past to cover on my behalf.


What is your starting price for wedding photography?

My price start at $2200 for 8 hours of coverage with high resolution digital files of edited photos included. 


Can I get more than 8 hours of coverage?

Yes, you can always add more hours separately a la cart or to upgrade to one of our bigger packages that include our Genuine Leather Flush Mount Wedding Album!  And if your wedding is super long, we also offer unlimited coverage in one of our packages to ensure that all parts of your celebration are properly documented. 


How do you pronounce your name?

This is actually quite hilarious because often times I would exchange correspondents or emails with clients or co-workers and after a few emails back and forth, the question that always come up is " I have been seeing your name in writing for quite a while now but how do you pronounce it?" It is probably a little bit annoying to look at a word and not know how to pronounce it right? LOL   Unfortunately or fortunately, my name is actually not that exotic, it's pronounce exactly like "Juan" in Spanish.