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November 20, 2015  •  4 Comments

From the very beginning of our courtship, Thu and I have always felt that we truly belong to each other and that our engagement and marriage are only a matter of destiny.  I don't quite remember when we came up with the idea, but we decided that we would take various self portraits during our travels and save those images to use as our engagement photos at a later date.  As the project went on, we quickly realized that not only are the images "engagement photos," but they truly represent some of the best memories and experiences that we ever had in our life!  This series of images is just the beginning--I am sure we will have a few more to add from now until our wedding date.  

This is the first photo in the series that was taken back on May 29th, 2015!  We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend (Thu's best friend--thank you Tùng and Thông !!!) back on February 3rd, 2015 but May was the first time we saw each other in real life.  This photo has always been our absolute favorite. Neither of us have looked happier, and this is truly the beginning of a great great journey!  It is one photo that neither of us can ever forget. 

As you can see, a lot of thoughtful gifts were created from that one image alone.  It is truly is a photo that will define our life.

And then we went to Boston!  

This image was actually taken first. I told her that we were just going to take quick picture with both of looking into the camera but clearly that was a lie :)

In a crowded city, there is only you in my eyes. 

I have always been intrigued by the image Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Vile in Paris by Robert Doisneau, so I have always loved a beautiful kiss photo.  I can't believe I am actually in one :)

Waiting for the train on the way to NYC :)

What an awesome day we had in NYC, having lunch at an Italian restaurant with an old law school friend.  Photo credit: Omar Vargas (law school friend haha)

A beautiful photo of Thu on the Brooklyn Bridge, a really wonderful view of one of America's iconic landmarks!  If you haven't walked this bridge, do it......We ended up taking a taxi back to the other side afterwards lol.

This photo really reminds me of New York, like it's part of a Seinfeld episode or something.  Photo credit: Omar Vargas.

Prof. Thu Tran at Yale University :)  I just had to take Thu's photo in such an inviting environment. 

More of "The Kiss"

Another of my favorites with Thu's signature smile. 

My parents absolutely love Thu!!!  They finally have a daughter in the family now :)

I always love a beautiful print.  When it's a photo of your loved ones on a 24in by 36in sheet of metal,  it's absolutely priceless. No large screen HDTV can recreate the magic that you feel holding on to such beautiful and timeless print.  Besides, a print on metal is probably more reliable than any electronic version.  I absolutely love it. 

And this is the absolutely gorgeous family that has been welcoming me into their lives with open arms!  Absolutely love them!!

Life is going to be so much fun LOL

The last image here was taken after we had a long day of errands driving all over Houston and were just finishing a couple hours of family portraits...Yet we were still able to have the perfect smiles when we are in each other's arms.  It actually is probably one of my  best smiles to date :)  Funny enough, we were wearing the exact same outfits we had on when we took our first photograph together.  However, rest assured that this is not the last of our engagement photos. We still have a lot trips plan and more memories to be capture until the wedding date.



Tuan Huynh(non-registered)
You guys are lovely! I enjoy, happily enjoy your love story, your loving moments, your everything. "Hand in hand 'til the end."
AiPhuong & Phong(non-registered)
Congratulations to you both, may your lives from this day forward be filled with love and happiness!
Anna Sawin(non-registered)
Love the stories behind the photos. So happy for you!
Bruce Plotkin(non-registered)
What a great series. And congrats to both of you!
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