HKT Photography | Our Genuine Leather Flush Mount Wedding Album | What is it?

Our Genuine Leather Flush Mount Wedding Album | What is it?

August 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I would like take a chance to really introduce one of the premier products in the wedding photography industry that perhaps the public is not that informed about, which is the FLUSH MOUNT WEDDING ALBUM.   With the advent of digital photography, the photo book has been made very popular over the years, but the flush mount album really takes that concept into a completely different stratosphere. With such extreme craftsmanship and built quality that that comes with the flush mount album, only the best of the best photos and designs should be placed on such valuable real estate.  

Unlike a typical photo book or coffee table book, the flush mount album is made up of extremely thick and durable pages that not only command the feel of luxury, but they will also remain beautiful and sturdy for a lifetime if not for generations.  Below are a few images with regards to the built quality of these gorgeous albums.

Yes, that is actually only one page! Another look at how thick just one page is!

The album lay completely flat when you open it up hence the term "flush mount".  This design allow you to make beautiful enlargement of your favorite photos across the pages.

  And I just can't get over that gorgeous genuine leather--it is oh so soft!

That is what 40 pages of fine craftsmanship look like and the album is really meant to last you a life time.  

Laying completely flat, the spread measures 12 inches by 24 inches, which for the lack of a better description, is quite humongous.  I love this gorgeous album so much that it is included in two of our packages at a steep discount because I truly believe that every couple should have this album to commemorate their wedding day. And to be able to hold your memories in a tangible object is just a great great feeling, I just cannot describe it with words or even photos.   Below are some of my favorite spreads: 

After reading this blog, hopefully everyone has a fuller appreciation of the craftsmanship of these flush mount wedding albums, why they are so prized in the wedding photography industry, and why they cost the way the do...Your gorgeous wedding photos should definitely deserve the best of the best.  

The photo for this album was from Kimberly and Gustavo's gorgeous wedding in Torrington, CT, you guys can read more about it here: Gorgeous New England Backyard Wedding | Kimberly and Gustavo



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